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This Online BADAGRY BUSINESS DIRECTORY- is developed and made public by HE REIGNS BUSINESS CONSULTS a business consultancy and training organisation.


Badagry business directory is designed to contribute widely to the publicity of the various business organizations situated within the Badagry environ showcasing their individual contact information, their line of business and any special thing they wish to let their prospective customers know. 

The Directory showcases contact information such as email, telephone, business location as well as brief description of their various products of the listed companies. These companies are segmented into various sectors based on their kinds of products.


There are three categories of enlistment in this directory

1. Basic listing– This is a listing in which people can see your contact details in order to contact your company. The price for basic listing is #2,000.00 only. To display your company logo and samples of your products, the charge is #3, 950.00 only.

2. Enhanced listing – This is a listing in which your company is easily noticed among the many companies in your business category. Interestingly, your website URL if you have any, will be included along with your details at the group pages. The price for enhanced listing is #17,499.99 only.

3. Premium listing– This listing places your company at the top of all the index pages including all pages of the categories thereby making your company visible to viewers as they navigate the numerous pages. The price for premium listing is #37,499.99 only.


Updating of the directory is done regularly and sporadically to ensure consistency and reliability.